Thursday, August 2, 2012

The many joys of pregnancy

I haven't posted in a few days but I kind of have good reason. My energy and sickness have been coming in waves. One day I feel fine and the next I couldn't move to go to the bathroom if you begged me to. It has been really crazy and weird for me. I hate not being able to get up and do something. The house has been a mess and things are just not getting done. But today I had energy so I cleaned the house, did laundry and managed to complete a few errands. I can't wait until life turns into something a little closer to normal and I can actually fully enjoy this pregnancy.
I am planning on heading to the fair in town tomorrow so hopefully I can remember to pack everything that I will need and be fully prepared. I have to remember lots of snacks so I don't starve and lots of water. Hopefully tomorrow is not an off day and I can actually enjoy the trip out with my daughter. Wish me luck. I will let you know tomorrow how everything turns out.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another busy day down

I spent almost the entire day in class learning about things I pretty much already knew. I was in a class about depreciation. I am a tax preparer in my "spare" time so I have to take so many classes each year to keep up my filing status. I knew most of the things that were talked about and was a little bored near the end. It was very nice though to be as young as I am and still be smarter than some of the older people who have been preparing taxes for many more years than me. One thing I did learn is that as a pregnant woman I need to take snacks with me places. Our lunch break was really late and I had the shakes by the time it rolled around; not a good thing.
My husband is a great man though. He had mowed the lawn and cleaned the whole house today while also watching my daughter. I totally understand how much work goes into that. Thank you honey.
My bible study tonight was about the verse Luke 1.37:  "For NO word from God will ever fail." I think this verse is so great to remember sometimes. I know that I alone am not capable of getting through the many things I have to do everyday but with God's help I can do anything. He is ALWAYS able to ANYTHING I ask Him to do. Very awesome.

Friday, July 27, 2012

8 weeks along

I am 8 weeks pregnant and let me tell you, the saying that each pregnancy is different could not be more true for me. When I was pregnant with my daughter I hardly ever had any symptoms. No headaches, no morning sickness, nothing. This time I couldn't get any more symptoms than I have. It has been so crazy. I finally got my nausea under control and now I am just tired and my boobs are getting bigger and bigger; already! I guess God is letting me really experience this pregnancy since I couldn't with my daughter. Sometimes I worry though because we all thought that my previous pregnancy was going to be normal but little did we know that so many things had already gone wrong before we could find out. I will go into more detail on that later but I wonder sometimes how this pregnancy will turn out and I worry about it all. Then if I do have a normal child how will I deal with not having doctor's appointments all of the time. How will I deal with just having a child? Will I be able to focus and give this new child the attention it deserves in spite of my hectic schedule? We were not planning on having another child because of the many needs of our daughter. I thought that maybe God didn't want us to have another kid because our daughter's health demanded so much attention but here we are. I am happy about it but I have my moments when I worry about what God has in store for us and where He will take use. I know, though, that at the end of the day God is in control. That makes me feel so much better because now I don't have to worry about what the big picture is. Someone else is taking care of that for me. Whew!!! One less thing for me to worry about.


I've never done this or thought I would want to but I am finding myself in a crazy spot in life and need to be able to express what is going on and maybe help someone else who is going through similar things. I am 27 years old. My husband and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary on Monday and I have a 5 year old daughter with many special needs. I have also recently found out I am pregnant (8 weeks along). My life is so crazy that when this next week's schedule came along and I saw that I have no appointments or no craziness, I was completely surprised and now I have to think of things to do before I go crazy. There are so many things though that I can do. Cleaning, school work, work work, exercise, and so many more but I think I may just enjoy this next week and like it. We will see where this blog goes as time goes on and see what inspires me and where my life takes me. I am excited to have people follow me and maybe learn from my mistakes and trust me I make many of those.